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Yoga for desk jockeys.jpg

Sit healthier!

Do you sit most of your time? 
Are you robbing yourself of flexibility and relaxation?
Live a sedentary lifestyle in better health!


What to expect?

Prolonged sitting may produce a chronically slumped posture, which will make your body more prone to feeling stiff and tense.

Prolonged sitting can also cause your muscles to become deconditioned and less mobile, interfering with your ease of movement.

The great news is that you can reverse the cycle!
In this 6-week yoga program, we will enhance your body awareness and freedom of movement. Enter a virtuous circle by relaxing the tissues that become chronically tight and short while sitting. Instead, strengthen the muscles which are long and weak, and lengthen the tissues which are tight and short.

The end result: Improved movement and a healthier sitting lifestyle!

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