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Susan W. USA - Yoga for all

« I started practicing yoga with Hélène and I now realize how much I was doing incorrectly over the years. I can see how much improvement I have made just in the past 6 weeks. Hélène has a gentle and calming presence and an effective way of correcting my poses, even over Skype. She has a wonderful energy and dedication to yoga which has greatly improved my practice and always leaves me calmer and more focused after her class. I definitely recommend attending her classes! »

Renée M. FRA - Pregnancy yoga

« I am very pleased to have been able to find Hélène 's class from  a random Google search for prenatal yoga in the Leiden area. I have practiced yoga occasionally in the past as a beginner and felt like it would be a nice activity to do while expecting  my first child. However I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning, because I am not a particularly flexible person and not so good at Yoga. Thankfully, Hélène was kind enough to remind me that her class is not about performance at all and that we do not need to be experienced Yogis to partake. Rather, I see the class as a great way to relax, connect with my baby through breathing and different postures as well as a gentle way to exercise. And in the end I also became better at it eventually.

Hélène is very sweet and there is something reinsuring in her positive energy and kindness. She was even kind enough to lend me a special belt which supported my lower back and helped me with my difficult ability to move in my last weeks of pregnancy. 

The breathing techniques is one of the most valuable learning to take away in my day to day activities (for example getting out of my high bed without putting too much pressure on my enormous belly or dealing with my braxton hicks contraction ) and also will be much needed for my upcoming delivery.»

Julia S. GER - Yoga for all

« Hélène has a special gift for teaching yoga. You will end up with a lasting experience when participating in her class. Hélène is driven by sharing her positive experiences with yoga and letting you make that experience too. During the yoga class, she thus gives you the room for your growth by guiding you empathetically in improving your yoga and as a side effect your life in general: After the yoga class you will be gifted with time for yourself, guidance and inspiration. That makes you feel calm, happy and ready to go for everything. »

Sonia Z. ESP - Yoga for all

« Hélène's yoga lessons are relaxing and easy to follow. She considers the level and needs of each person. I feel an improvement in flexibility and a reduction in the level of stress after the lessons. Also, my chronic back pain is improving since she takes care of correcting my posture, I have noticed an improvement of my posture even out of the yoga classes. The yoga studio is located in a beautiful historic building in Leiden city center. »

Nikoleta G. Yoga for all

« I have tried yoga numerous times in the past and something was just missing. I had a bad injury recently which pushed me to give it go again. Hélène helped me not only begin my route to recovery but also fall in love with the practice. With her guidance, I could finally understand how to move and breathe so that I can benefit from yoga. I could not recommend Hélène highly enough! »


Ophélie G-L. FRA - Yoga for all

« Learning yoga with Hélène has been incredibly beneficial for me! Her approach to the discipline really helps with issues from our current lifestyle and workstyle (long day sitting, uncomfort due to watching a screen all day, etc). I also see yoga lessons with Hélène as a perfect complement to my other sport activities (running, climbing, etc), and since I am practising with her, I have no more pain from my old injuries. I recommend it to all women and men who want to be kind with their bodies! »

Victoria Y. RUS - Yoga for all

« It is my first experience with yoga. Before I moved to The Netherlands, I used to do polestar pilates and it was difficult to find a place where my whole body can feel well stretched and rested. After joining Hélène's class, I felt happy again! Some pains or stiffness were easily gone just by one evening. Since I started to join the class more often, I also noticed that my mood has changed significantly. Quality of my body, my sleep has improved. Hélène is always bringing new technique for different body parts which makes it more fun! Always looking forward for our next session. »

Estelle R. FRA - Yoga for all

« My yoga class with Hélène represents to me an important appointment of the week where I get my problems out of my mind and reconnect with my body. As a beginner, Hélène adapted her courses at my level and took time to explain technics and subtilities of this practice. Moreover, after almost one year, i feel that i can still learn more and improve myself. A big thank for her support and looking forward for the next afterwork. ;) »

Karina R. ESP - Pregnancy yoga

« I started doing yoga with Hélène when I was 30 weeks pregnant. I had a tough pregnancy with hyperemesis and pelvic pain, and Hélène's pregnancy yoga helped me a lot to release the pain and correct my posture. I kept enjoying her classes until I was 40 weeks pregnant. I specially benefited from her attentive teaching and the awesome pregnancy pillows she uses to make the class more comfortable. I highly recommend her classes, even if like me you don't have much experience with yoga at the beginning. »

Marie R. FRA - Yoga for all

« Après une séance de yoga avec Hélène, je me sens reconnectée à mon corps, à mes sens et mon esprit est apaisé. Avec douceur, dynamisme et spiritualité, Hélène guide sa séance de yoga avec professionnalisme et passion. Ça donne envie de continuer ! »

Eloïsa P. COL - Yoga for all 

« Depuis 15 ans, j’ai pris environ 200 cours de yoga et avec au moins une vingtaine de professeurs différents. Hélène est la meilleure professeur que j’ai eu : elle est précise dans son savoir, sérieuse, totalement impliquée et elle a une merveilleuse pédagogie. Elle a une écoute extrêmement attentive qui m’a permis de faire des progrès fulgurants et de comprendre comme jamais en 15 ans ce que m’apporte personnellement une posture de yoga. Elle sait répondre à toutes mes questions et s’adapter à la perfection à mes besoins en fonction de mon niveau. »

Sophie G. FRA - Yoga for all

« J'ai découvert réellement le yoga avec Hélène. Cela s'est fait naturellement, comme on se fait un.e ami.e : une première rencontre, des échanges constructifs, de très bonnes énergies/ondes et des moments où on se sent bien et qu'on a envie de retrouver aussi souvent que possible. J'apprécie énormément son enseignement du yoga : le rythme est parfait, juste le tempo qu'il faut, les enchaînements sont très fluides et sa voix est calme et précise. On se sent guidée par la bonne personne, en toute confiance. Petit clin d'oeil pour sa marque de fabrique, la citation du jour à la fin de la séance, qui nous invite à méditer sur ce qu'on vient de vivre comme expérience. A suivre sans hésiter... ;) »

Andréa F. FRA - Yoga for all

« Hélène a une approche très douce dans son enseignement du yoga et elle est véritablement à l'écoute du rythme de chacun. Elle parvient à communiquer de manière subtile sur le tempo à donner à la respiration lors de l'enchaînement des postures. La clé pour une progression efficace et en profondeur dans notre pratique du yoga ! »

Perrine R. FRA - Pregnancy yoga

« La pratique du yoga avec Hélène durant ma grossesse et après l'accouchement a été des plus bénéfiques. Hélène est une prof très compétente et patiente qui sait donner confiance à ses élèves. Les techniques enseignées, issue de la méthode de Gasquet, m'ont permis d'apprendre à travailler ma respiration et à me connecter au mieux à mon corps pendant cette période très spéciale. Aussi, les cours d'Hélène sont l'occasion de partager nos sensations, petits maux et de faire partie d'une communauté. En prénatal ou en postnatal, le yoga avec Hélène était un rendez-vous hebdomadaire qui m'a fait du bien physiquement et mentalement. Je recommande vivement la pratique du yoga avec Hélène.  »

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