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Prenatal yoga 

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What is prenatal yoga for?

Prenatal yoga helps you to live this unique period of pregnancy with well-being, serenity and trust. Breathe, stretch and relax for both of you. Be in better shape and overcome difficulties of your pregnancy and delivery.

Pregnancy is a fragile, vulnerable and intimate time in the woman's life.


The body and mind of the pregnant woman are transforming to carry life, give birth and breastfeed the child. Prenatal yoga is a good way to take care of yourself and the child inside you.

What is a prenatal yoga class like?

Each prenatal yoga session is soft and adapted to your physical condition and energy of the moment. We start by exchanging about how you feel and if any stiffness or tension bothers you. Prenatal yoga gives you time to rest and anchor in the present. I teach you how to breathe, stretch and move with full awareness in your practice but also in your everyday life. I give you tips like, for example, how to prevent pushing on the belly and pelvic floor or tearing tissues during daily activities, how to comfortably sleep, and many more.    

When to start prenatal yoga?


Pregnant women can start prenatal yoga at any moment of the pregnancy. The soonest the better! At the early stage, some pregnant woman might like more active practices. Check here for (non-pregnancy-specific) yoga classes. 

What is your training in teaching prenatal yoga?


Trained (60h+) and certified by DE GASQUET® INSTITUTE in France, I can accompany you safely in prenatal yoga.


In which languages do you teach prenatal yoga?

Collective classes of prenatal yoga are taught in EnglishI can also teach prenatal yoga in French (depending on the audience). 

What is the format of your prenatal yoga class?

Join collective classes online or in person, and/or take appointments for private classes in your place!

Where to practice prenatal yoga?

Feel in a cocoon by practicing prenatal yoga in the comfort of your home or in the cosiness of my home. Check my location in Leiden Groenoord (NL) here.   

How many people can join your prenatal yoga class?

A number of max. 4 participants can join my collective class of prenatal yoga. 

How to sign up to your prenatal yoga class?


Sign up now through my contact form here.




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