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Postnatal yoga 

What is postnatal yoga for?

Postnatal yoga is a good way to take care of yourself after delivery to better take care of your new-born child, your family, and others... 

Recover safely, drain tensions and restore your balance through postnatal yoga to face your (new) mother's role with more confidence and serenity in postpartum! 

What is postpartum?

Postpartum is a time of change in the woman's life after the delivery. Your body has changed and the baby is not anymore inside you. The attention moved to the child. So it is normal to feel an inner emptiness. You may even experience a baby blues.


Be aware that, in many traditions, the mother is surrounded, supported and nursed after childbirth. In the Western world, she is frequently isolated and rapidly returns to her active life in postpartum.

Authorize yourself to take a little time of your own during postnatal yoga! You have the right to take it!

What is a postnatal yoga class like?

Postnatal yoga will take care of your body and mind. Each session is soft and adapted to your physical condition and energy of the moment. Postnatal yoga consists in gentle exercices and breathig techniques, mainly for perineal and abdominals' reeducation. Most of the class happens lying down or with the torso in an horizontal plane to relieve your pelvic floor from the gravity. There is a moment of centering in the beginning to anchor in the present. Soft movements are taught to reeducate perineum and abdominals, to release tensions and stretch. Tips are given about what to do in daily life to recover as best as possible. A final relaxation helps you to let go and rest in the end.

Can my child join postnatal class with me?


The baby can be in contact with you or next to you during postnatal yoga, if not in others hands. When sleeping or peaceful, the child can be installed on your side while you exercise, for example in the pregnancy pillow, bouncer or crib. Postnatal yoga can also be practiced when rocking, soothing and breastfeeding the child if needed. I adjust to what goes on during class. I go with the flow!

When to start postnatal yoga?


It is essential to start postnatal yoga as soon as possible after the delivery, provided that there are no medical counter-indications. You can begin the day of the delivery, resting in a supine position with simple breathing exercises if you like. The body recovers the best during the 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth. This period is essential but postnatal yoga can also be practiced later. Better later than never! After 3 months, the baby is more and more awake which may prevent to really focus in exercising or some mothers might like more active practices. Check here for (non-pregnancy-specific) yoga classes. 

What is your training in teaching postnatal yoga?


Trained (60h+) and certified by DE GASQUET® INSTITUTE in France, I can accompany you safely in prenatal yoga.


In which languages do you teach postnatal yoga?

Collective classes of postnatal yoga are taught in EnglishI can also teach postnatal yoga in French (depending on the audience). 

What is the format of your postnatal yoga class?

Join collective classes online (only), and/or take appointments for private classes in person (I travel to your place)!

Where to practice prenatal yoga?

Feel in a cocoon by practicing postnatal yoga in the comfort of your home (online or with me coming to your place).   

How many people can join your postnatal yoga class?

A number of max. 10 participants can join the postnatal yoga class online. 

How to sign up to your postnatal yoga class?


Sign up now through my contact form here.


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