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Offer the gift of yoga!

Yoga programs


Yoga for all is taught in series of X classes over X weeks on a specific theme.

Join the 1st session of a series for free.
Then pay the whole program to enroll (X x 12€).


The possibility is also given to join on a drop-in basis for 15€ (subject to availability as priority is given to students who committed to the whole series).

Prenatal & postnatal yoga


Prenatal and postnatal yoga are taught on a drop-in basis. 

Come as often as you can/want (once, twice a week, once every few weeks).


For packages, the price vary depending on the validty duration you pick.

***    Extra cost beyond a 3-km radius from Flemingstraat, Leiden (NL) and/or above 1 participant.
****  Join the 1st session of a program for FREE (offer valid once per person).
          Then pay the full program to enroll.

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