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Improve your posture

In which posture are you reading this text?
Do you manage to straighten up?
Enhance the way you carry and hold yourself  in space!


What to expect?

We often take poor postures in daily activities (when looking at screens, sitting, standing etc.). To straighten up is not so easy! Over time, our postural habits become etched and adjustments may feel “wrong”. Do not force the change, it takes time! Remodel your tissues and mind to stand up tall with poise!
Posture affects how we move around, how we breathe, how we respond to stress. It impacts our mood, emotions, self-esteem and many bodily functions. Improving posture can help to improve your overall health and mood. It is never too late to change your posture!

Text neck or a forward head posture are becoming epidemic, even within the youth. It may create tensions in the body like tightness in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back, even headaches and migraines. The dowager’s hump is one plague of the computer age! Good posture diminishes the risk of long-term health issues that haven't manifested yet or the risk of fractures from falls when aging. The health of your back and spine deserves your attention for optimal health and longevity.

 In this 7 weeks yoga program, you will learn why adopting a good posture is so important for your physical but also mental and emotional health. You will explore steps to improve your own posture and well-being!

Dump the slump!

“The Body is as Young as the Spine is Supple” - Indian saying.

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