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Heat up your core

Are you rapidly slouching and you can’t help it?
Are you regularly feeling off-balance?
Find your core and use it as a support in your dailylife!

What to expect?

Are you rapidly slouching and you can’t help it? Are you sometimes feeling strain in your (low) back? Are you regularly feeling off-balance (and even unconfident)? Are you easily running out of breath?

It may be difficult to move safely during daily activities (incl. sports) or maintain a good posture if your midline is not strong enough to power your limbs. It can even become hard to breathe and not look defeated.

Fortunately you can work on it!
Your core needs to get stronger to help (like a corset or support belt).


Strengthening your core is not only about losing belly fat
or looking nice with a developed six-pack!
Experience better posture, balance and stability in daily living.

Make it easier to carry groceries, lift your (grand) child, pick up laundry,
climb up stairs, and not only that...

Become more efficient in sports
(like running, cycling, playing racket games, & many more). 


In this 8-weeks yoga program, we will enhance your core awareness and develop your core strength keeping a long torso (unlike ab work-outs rounding your back).

Learn how to engage your core to support everyday mo(ve)ment.

Gain stability and confidence! Power up your core!!!

Smile while challenging your core!

"The pose begins when you want to get out of it."


Are you ready to try?

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