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About my wellness programs


What is a wellness program?

A wellness program is a series of yoga classes over X weeks with 1 class per week.
Each program addresses a specific theme. Take a look at the different yoga programs here.

Why choose a program rather than a drop-in class?

To build a consistent practice.

To experience greater progress.
To feel part of a community (Shangha).
Climb up the stairs to the top with your small group*!


When to enroll?

Join a program for X sessions from date to date or drop in for 1 class.
Practice 1 hour per week during X weeks. 
Choose a regular day on schedule or on appointment.
Each session of the program can be accessed on a drop-in basis (subject to remaining spots/absences). ​
Priority is given to students who join the whole program.


How to join?

Enroll either in-person* or online for the continuity of practice.
An opportunity to join from anywhere behind the screen (no travelling cost and time).
Do not miss** any class in the program. When sick or traveling, join online!


*     Max. 4 persons in my space. Equipment provided.
**   Any missed class of the program
is lost.

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