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Wellness programs for mamas

Pregnancy yoga - Drop-in class(es)
Become a mother in serenity.

A drop-in class is a class that you take when you wish.

Purchase a single class or a package of 10. 

To give freedom and flexibility during this period of change.
Start anytime before or after delivery.
Use your package of 10 classes either for prenatal or postnatal classes. 
Practice 1 hour as frequently as needed


Join a class whenever you can/want.

Join any day available on schedule or on appointment.

Change from week to week or choose a regular day of the week.



Enroll either in-person* or online for the continuity of practice.
An opportunity to join from anywhere behind the screen (no travelling cost and time).
Any missed class of the course is lost.**


*     Max. 4 persons in my space. Equipment provided.
**   When sick or traveling, join online! 

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