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What is yoga?

Yoga is complete as simultaneously physical, respiratory and mental. Yoga consists in realizing sequences of postures (Asana) with awareness and interoception. The breath and the movement are synchronized. Yoga helps the mind to focus in the body going as deep as accessible at every step and in every instant. Some respiratory (Pranayama), meditatives (Dhyana), gestual (Mudra) and purification (Shatkarma and Kriya) practices can also be practiced.

Yoga practices enable to strengthen, stretch the body and focus the mind. Finally, a relaxation loosens up the body, brings a peace of mind and a sense of balance.

Yoga poses, movements & moments of interoception included in my sequences are chosen accurately to address specific issues. Their choice aim at educating people on how to use the Yoga tools to live better. Logically, the content of classes for posture improvement, core strength or pregnancy are different. Read more about my yoga programs.

My teaching may or may not suit you. It does not mean that yoga is not for you! I really encourage you to explore others as a multitude of approach exists today. Find the one that resonates with you!


Yoga, beyond physical exercise, is a life phylosophy. By focusing the mind on the body and the breathing, a yogi (yoga practioner) achieves the « union », Sanskrit translation of the word « yoga ». The yoga practice allows a personal development to a state of great joy (Samadhi).


What matters is not our destination, but the integration of the lessons learned and our presence here and now on the journey  to self-care (on & out the mat)! 

Discover my approach!

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