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My approach of yoga 

Let me guide you with my creativity into a gentle approach (a mix of what I learn.ed in De Gasquet®, Vinyasa and Yoga Wellness Educations).

Many human bodies have musculoskeletal imbalances. Our 21st century lifestyle leads to bad postures, less flexibility and mobility. You do not learn how to walk in one step or drive the first time. Give yourself time to learn yoga step by step. Get ready-to-use tips for your daily life.



Yoga consists of moving our body in a sequence of postures on our breath. We link each movement and posture with our breathing. Our moves are fluent like the flowing water.


Our slow flow may be soft or livelier depending on the intention of the practice. If you search for a very dynamic aerobic type of exercise, it is not what I will offer! Instead, scientific research has proven that regularly holding a demand on your body for a longer time is more efficient and produces better results. 


The series of poses we realize progressively strengthens and stretches our body. Both are necessary for balance. Finally, the relaxation loosen up our body and brings peace of mind.

I truly believe that breathing is a magnificent treasure of all humankind to let go and focus on what we are doing here and now. My teaching therefore devotes attention to mastering our breath in the flow. I provide guidance for tuning your respiratory instrument, synchronizing your inhales and exhales on your movements. This continuous exercise helps us to give our best on the mat but also in life while listening to our body. 

There is always sth to learn and grow...

Novice or advanced in yoga?


What to expect?

Sense of community
Consistent practice
Greater progress

Small groups
Scenic view

Heleneyogilife Yoga Jnana mudra
Heleneyogilife Yoga pose Upward facing dog
Heleneyogilife Yoga Child pose
Heleneyogilife Yoga Chaturanga

About yoga

The yoga is plural. Everyone can practice it. Yoga exercise is simultaneously physical, respiratory and mental. A multitude of styles exists today. Yoga consists in realizing postures or sequences of postures (Asana) by synchronizing movement and breathing, respiratory exercices (Pranayama), meditatives (Dhyana), gestual (Mudra) and purification (Shatkarma and Kriya) practices. Yoga, beyond physical exercise, is a life phylosophy. By focusing our mind on our body and our breathing, we achieve the « union », Sanskrit translation of the word « yoga ». Yoga practice allows our personal development to a state of great joy (Samadhi). What matters is not our destination, but the integration of the lessons learned and our presence here and now on the journey.

Heleneyogilife Yoga pose Sukhasana

Pre & postnatal yoga 

Pregnancy is a fragile, vulnerable and intimate time in the woman's life.


Your body and mind are transforming to carry life, give birth and raise your child. Yoga is a good way to take care of yourself and your baby.


Prenatal yoga helps you to live this unique period with well-being, serenity and trust. Breathe, stretch and relax for both of you. Be in better shape and overcome difficulties of your pregnancy and delivery.


The 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth are essential for your body to recover. It is normal to feel an inner emptiness. You may also experience a baby blues. In many traditions, the mother is surrounded, supported and nursed after childbirth. In the Western world, she is frequently isolated and rapidly returns to her active life. Postnatal yoga takes care of your mind and focuses on the safe recovery of your body, in particular with perineal reeducation and the strengthening of the abdominals.


Each session is soft and adapted to your physical condition and energy of the present moment. I teach you the right breathing, postures and movements for your yoga practice and your everyday life.


You can start at any moment of your pregnancy or after, the soonest the better. Trained and certified by DE GASQUET® INSTITUTE, I can accompany you safely in collective classes and/or privately in the comfort of my or your home. I can teach you pregnancy yoga in English or French. 

De Gasquet Institute

Certification Maternité.jpg
Pre & postnatal


Storie Planning.jpg

Attendance on reservation only!

Booking/cancellation at the latest the day before the session.
Book in advance to guarantee your spot (only 4 available in-person)

All classes are taught in English (possible in French depending on the audience).



First glance!




Yoga for all - Course(s)

A course is a series of classes over X weeks.
Each course addresses a specific theme. 

To build a consistent practice.

To experience greater progress.
To create a sense of community (Shangha).
Climb up the stairs to the top with your small group!



Join a course for X sessions from date to date or drop in for 1 class.
Practice 1 hour per week during X

Choose a regular day on schedule or on appointment.
A session of the course can also be accessed on a drop-in basis. ​
Priority is given to students who join the whole course.



Enroll either in-person* or online for the continuity of practice.
An opportunity to join from anywhere behind the screen (no travelling cost and time).
Any missed class of the course is lost.**


*     Max. 4 persons in my space. Equipment provided.
**  When sick or traveling, join online! 


Next course: HEAT UP YOUR CORE!



Starts the 2nd week of February 2023!
For 8 weeks in the period from 14/02/23 till 06/04/23
Choose a slot in the agenda and meet weekly on the same day to practice. 


Are you rapidly slouching and you can’t help it? Are you sometimes feeling strain in your (low) back? Are you regularly feeling off-balance (and even unconfident)? Are you easily running out of breath?

It may be difficult to move safely during daily activities (incl. sports) or maintain a good posture if your midline is not strong enough to power your limbs. It can even become hard to breathe and not look defeated.

Fortunately you can work on it!
Your core needs to get stronger
to help
(like a corset or support belt).


Strengthening your core is not only about losing belly fat
or looking nice with a developed six-pack!
Experience better posture, balance and stability in daily living.

Make it easier to carry groceries, lift your (grand) child, pick up laundry,
climb up stairs, and not only that...

Become more efficient in sports
(like running, cycling, playing racket games,
& many more). 


In this 8-weeks yoga course, we will enhance your core awareness and develop your core strength keeping a long torso (unlike ab work-outs rounding your back).

Learn how to engage your core to support everyday mo(ve)ment.

Gain stability and confidence! Power up your core!!!

I will give you the tools & means to smile while challenging your core!
The pose begins when you want to get out of it!


STARTING SOON... Sign up now!


Are you ready to try?


On-going course: YOGA FOR DESK JOCKEYS

Yoga for desk jockeys.jpg


On-going course: YOGA FOR DESK JOCKEYS

Do you sit most of your time? 
You may be robbing yourself of flexibility and relaxation in your daily life!

Starts the 1st week of January 2023!
Choose a slot and meet weekly on
the same day to practice. 

For 6 weeks in the period from 3/01/23 till 9/02/23


Prolonged sitting may produce a chronically slumped posture, which will make your body more prone to feeling stiff and tense.

Prolonged sitting can also cause your muscles to become deconditioned and less mobile, interfering with your ease of movement.

The great news is that you can reverse the cycle!
In this 6-week yoga course, we will enhance your body awareness and freedom of movement. Enter a virtuous circle by relaxing the tissues that become chronically tight and short while sitting. Instead, strengthen the muscles which are long and weak, and lengthen the tissues which are tight and short.

The end result: Improved movement and a healthier sitting lifestyle!

Become a mother in serenity.jpg

Pregnancy yoga - Drop-in class(es)
Become a mother in serenity.

A drop-in class is a class that you take when you wish.

Purchase a single class or a package of 10. 

To give freedom and flexibility during this period of change.
Start anytime before or after delivery.
Use your package of 10 classes either for prenatal or postnatal classes. 
Practice 1 hour as frequently as needed


Join a class whenever you can/want.

Join any day available on schedule or on appointment.

Change from week to week or choose a regular day of the week.



Enroll either in-person* or online for the continuity of practice.
An opportunity to join from anywhere behind the screen (no travelling cost and time).
Any missed class of the course is lost.**


*     Max. 4 persons in my space. Equipment provided.
**   When sick or traveling, join online! 



***    Extra cost beyond a 3-km radius from Flemingstraat, Leiden (NL) and/or above 1 participant.
****  Join the 1st session of a course for FREE (offer valid once per person).
          Then pay the full course to enroll (12 € times X sessions of the course).

Yoga for all - Course(s)

A course is a series of classes over 6 weeks.


Pregnancy yoga (prenatal & postnatal)

Heleneyogilife Yoga pose Half lift

Gift cards!

Offer the gift of yoga!


with scenic view

Yoga indoors

Address: Flemingstraat, Leiden - Access by elevator (more details after booking).
Door opening 10 mn before time and closing 5 mn before.

Practical information:
By bike: park your bike in front of the building.

By foot: 11 mn walk from Leiden Centraal station.
By vehicle: parking in front of the building (zone B1).

By bus: lines 3, 4, 56, 365, 410 (2 mn walk from bus stop Groenoord).


Yoga in the park

Address: Noorderpark, Leiden.
Meeting in front of Theehuis Noord between 10 and 5 mn before.

Practical information:
By bike: park your bike in front of Theehuis Noord.

By foot: 20 mn walk from Leiden Centraal station.
By vehicle: parking in Nieuwe Marnixstraat, 2316 ES Leiden (zone B2).

By bus: lines 3, 56, 365, 410 (7 mn walk from bus stop Groenoord).

Yoga space.jpeg



About me

Hélène Landmann

Yoga does not leave me since I discovered its benefits on my body and mind in 2018. With a body drained of its energy and a restless mind after a long day of work as an engineer, this practice has been liberating. I released tensions and emotions of the day. I then felt full of energy and at peace with myself, embracing the present. I have been amazed by the result!  


After a number of classes, my personal yoga practice started. A kind of morning routine enabling me to gently waken my body, calm my mind and approach my day with trust and enthusiasm! I immediately wanted to share this incredible experience. I first exchanged on this transformation with others. And very soon, I wanted to understand why yoga made this change to myself.


This is how I followed a Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2020 in order to deepen my knowledge and practice of yoga but also of myself. During this training, I rapidly realized that I also wished to transmit the power of yoga.


During the year 2022, I studied to become a Yoga Wellness Educator and graduated in December. I provide a caring and thoughtful guidance so that you live your own yoga experience. I want to offer you an invigorating yoga combining gentleness, breathing and intensity. But also ready-to-use tips to improve your daily wellness outside the class!